Lambda (λ) Calculus – Part 1

λ Calculus Overview λ-Calculus – Basis for functional Programming and system of abstraction based on functions and function application. Devised by Alonzo Church 1930. Based on pure abstraction. System for manipulating λ Expressions. Abstraction – Generalization through introduction of names in expression, and specialization through replacement of names with values. Abstraction – Central to problem solving … Continue reading


Cancelling Cancel current operation: C-g If that doesn’t work then: M-x top-level Whitespace Edits Indent current line: TAB Shift a block of lines rigidly right or left: C-x TAB Fill (justify) paragraph: M-q Add a new line after this one: RET Open a new line before this one: C-o Remove all but 1 empty line: … Continue reading


Cursor Motion Forward a character: C-f Backward a character: C-b Forward a line: C-n Backward a line: C-p Go to the beginning of the line: C-a Go to the end of the line: C-e Forward a word: M-f Backward a word: M-b Forward a sentence: M-e Backward a sentence: M-a Go to the beginning of … Continue reading


And now,  as promised for some commonly used commands, listed by section: General Quit Emacs: C-x C-c Buffers & Windows Open a file, existing or new: C-x C-f Save Buffer: C-x C-s Save buffer as a different file (Save As): C-x C-w Save all open buffers: C-x s Insert a file into buffer: C-x i … Continue reading


First, install Emacs (the original not aquamacs) and then get the emacs starter kit from my github repository at :, which has the Emacs Code Browser, CEDET (programming languages) and haskell syntax highlighting mode. Create a symlink called .emacs in your home directory to the emacs-starter-kit directory. When you startup Emacs, it should read in … Continue reading


Here’s what I did: I picked a cheat sheet I liked and stuck them to the wall adjoining my monitor and constantly referred to them when I needed a command! As simple as that and it works like a charm! Now you don’t have an excuse to learn Emacs! In my next post, I shall … Continue reading